Torch-On , Rubberising , Fibre And Bitumen Waterproofing

• Commercial waterproofing •  Residential waterproofing • Industrial waterproofing

We offer waterproofing services to all sectors including commercial, residential and industrial. Our waterproofing services include rubberising, fibre, torch-on and bitumen applications. We can waterproof all types of roofs such as metal sheeted roofs, tiled roofs, asbestos roofs, Nutech roofs and concrete slab roofs.

• Torch-on membrane

• Rubberising waterproofing

• Fibre waterproofing

• Bitumen

Torch-on membrane

Comes in a variety of different thicknesses with single or multiple structured
implementations with polyester or fibreglass.

Classic use for torch-on applications are.
• Roof slabs
• Balconies
• Patios
• Foundation walls
• Retaining walls

Rubberising waterproofing

A rubber-based membrane has numeral functions and benefits. This application gives our roof the best support structure it needs as well as extends the lifespan of your roof. Going with a rubberised waterproofing system will protect your roof from UV and corrosion damage. A cost-effective way to waterproof your roof.

Classic use for rubberising applications are.
• Metal
• Concrete
• Asbestos
• Wood
• Tiles

Fibre waterproofing

Fibre-reinforced waterproofing. A premium fibre-reinforced acrylic water proofer used to bridge fine hairline cracks without the need for a separate reinforcing membrane, on parapet walls, chimney capping, gutters, and roof screws.

Classic uses for fibre waterproofing applications are.
• All Roof Surfaces


This product is a water-based, rubberized bitumen emulsion, used with a membrane to form a liquid waterproofing product.

Typical uses:
• All types of flashings.
• Parapet walls.
• Flat roofs
• Sealing joints, laps and roofing screws on corrugated roofs.


• Suitable for use in transportable water conditions.
• Can be applied to damp surfaces.
• Strong and flexible.
• Great adhesion.
• Not advisable if rain is imminent.
• The product is not UV stable and needs a suitable bitumen-based
reflective coating.

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