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These days everybody is looking to save electricity and what better way to do so by having a skylight. Skylights provide a great way to save energy, save money, and reduce your impact on the planet in one easy go.

Mighty Group has been supplying, installing and maintaining skylights for over 5 years. We are a well-established, compact and durable brand and are one of the leading skylight companies in Johannesburg. Mighty Group has installations in all sectors of the population, including high profile clients which can be viewed in our client’s service page.

Mighty Group not only create and install new skylights but also replace damaged skylight glass panels and reseal leaking skylights. Above all, we care about the quality and durability of our work. This means we create the skylights our customers have always dreamed off. Contact us for your free inspection and quotation today.

Ceiling & Partitioning

Mighty Group specialises in providing reliable, affordable ceiling installation and repairs. We offer a wide range of ceiling and partitioning products. We focus on servicing ceilings and partition contractors, building contractors, and private individuals. We understand that ceilings are an integral part of the aesthetics and performance of both homes and offices to always strive for perfection.

We always operate with a very enthusiastic and specialised staff who are professionals in the industry and are capable of assisting or advising our customers on any issues that might arise
within the ceiling and partitioning industry.



Mighty Group has established itself as one of the best in the Johannesburg region for the gutter installation and repairs industry. Gutters are critically important because, without an effective way to get the water off the building, there can be severe damage. This can create continuous problems if not taken care of. All of this may be avoided with a good properly installed rain gutter system. Therefore, calling a professional to inspect and evaluate your roof or drainage system is a valuable decision which should never be overlooked.

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